What is Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice that uses the Universal Life Force Energy to help reduce stress, relieve pain, lower blood pressure and calm the mind, body and soul.


Life is so stressful these days, everyone is living hectic, fast paced lives and hardly take the time to stop and relax.  Our bodies are affected by our stressful lives and we need to take the time to help ourselves.  Anyone can enjoy the health benefits of Reiki.  One session will bring  balance to your body and mind.  Reiki can help alleviate physical pain in your body, can help ease anxiety and stress and help you relax.  Stress is a leading cause to many diseases.

A Reiki session can be done in person or through distant healing.  Our bodies are made up of energy and sometimes we get blockages which can cause physical or emotional pain.  Reiki helps to remove the blockages hence helping to alleviate the pain.  An in person session involves you sitting in a chair or lying down (fully clothed and usually with a light blanket over you) The hands of the practitioner are placed over you, sometimes a gentle touch.  The benefits of a distant healing session are just as strong as if done in person.

About Me

Diana Balch, Reiki Master

I am an Usuai Reiki Master/Teacher.  I have been practicing Reiki since 2012. .   I also work with crystals and aromatherapy,  they can both be added into a Reiki session or have wonderful healing results on their own.


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